Best smartphone under 15000 - Top 5 best

Best smartphone under 15000 I know you're getting confused in choosing the right smartphone for yourself that's why I am telling you about best smartphone to buy. I know that you need the best smartphone under 15000 don't worry I have chosen some the best smartphone under 15000 for you. Go and check the smartphone under 10000
So, before seeing the smartphone I want to tell you that from now on articles will be published on smartphone for a few days in that time we will publish only articles related to smartphone. Those articles will be like best smartphone under 20000, best smartphone under 25000,best smartphone under 30000 and like that only I will provide you link of the articles so you can see all the articles.
Now the buying guide for smartphone  So when you're going to buy smartphone then what should you keep in your mind  Check the RAM and ROMCheck its processor Check camera (if you need good camera)Check its battery Some other important features such as audio ja…

Best Headphones in India - Latest 2020

Best Headphones in India - Latest 2020 Oh, I know you are thinking to buy best headphones in india that's why you're here but you're confused in purchasing the right Headphones. I know your problem and I also know that why you are confused in purchasing a headphone the reason is that there are many brands in market to buy from. But don't worry this is not only your problem this is a problem of everyone who wants to buy a headphone. I have chosen some of then best headphones under 1000,2000,5000.
So because of this problem of yours I have suggested one of the best headphones in market you can check them and can find solution for your problem.
Before showing you the headphones I want tell you something, I want you to ask yourself that why you want headphone don't just buy a headphone because your friend have a headphone, see the work of headphones are to give us good quality sound so if you're budget is a bit low then you can check these earphones because earpho…

Best Smartphone under 10000 - Latest 2020

Best Smartphone under 10000 - Latest 2020 Mobile , this is a thing that has changed the whole world. Nowadays Mobiles are more important than food, water and air. And people want best smartphones under 10000 only that is why today I am suggesting you some of the best smartphones under 10000 with good battery and camera. 
Read this post upto last , because something special is there The phones which I have suggested you are the best smartphones in the market.
NOTE:There is a price difference in every mobile so read it at last so you can know why it is so?
And all the variant I have told you are under 10000 if you go for more RAM and ROM then you have to pay more price Before buying a smartphone you should check : RAM   ,   BATTERY LIFE   ,  PROCESSOR  ROM   ,      CAMERA          ,  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       So Here are the best smartphones 1.Realme Narzo 10 A (3GB+32GB) Realme has launched his latest phone Realme Narzo 10 and 10A Now we will see only about Narzo 10A  So Narzo 10A is a c…

Best smartwatches in india- latest 2020

Best smartwatches in India- latest 2020
Nowadays, smartwatches are one of the trendy accessories which is carried by all of us .We all need best smartwatches in India but don't know which one to buy, that's why I am writing about it .Most people don't know which one to buy and they buy a bad smartwatch so you don't do this mistake read this article carefully to the end because I have cleared all the questions you have regarding smartwatches. 
Short history about watches: At starting people didn't have watches they used to se time by seeing stars. Then they see time by sun dial means the predict time by the shadow forms due to sun then sand clock comes I hope you all know about sandclock  it is a jar filled with sand. Them time passes on and people discover new types of watches like quartz clock, stopwatch, pendulum watches,atomic watch then now we have digital watches.
Remember this before buying a smartwatch: If you have make sure that you will buy a smartwatch then yo…

Best earphones in India- latest 2020

Best earphones in India- latest 2020
You don't have a earphone or you lost the old one?(tell in comments) and now you want to buy a new one but don't know which to buy. Don't worry I have picked the best earphones in India for you these best earphones are under 500, 1000.
Earphones are one of the essential accessorie of mobile phones. Nowadays the moblie companies have stopped giving earphones in boxes to reduce the price of mobile phones but the problem is people need ear earphone for their daily purposes. So people have started buying earphones fron other third parties companies such as; boAt,JBL,Sony etc. 
Note : At last I have something special for you . Here are the best earphones for you. 1. Motorola Pace 120 in-Ear earphones with mic

Its looks:

This is a very nice ear earphone in this price
Its features: It has tangle free wires means the wires will not get mixed. It has 1.2m wire very portable Built in mic and call button It has 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for better …